IELTS Writing – The Check List for 9 bands

Does the essay follow the logical pattern?

It should follow the logical pattern; you make it logical when you write the rough draft. Writing the rough draft before you start to write the essay ensures that your essay will be logically correct.

Example of Rough Draft:

  1. I am not in agreement with this statement
  2. Reasons why not in agreement

Equality issues

Education quality issues

  1. Possibilities if banned

Inexpensive as compared to private institution if banned

Multicultural environments increment if banned

  1. Disabled Children issues
  2. Conclusion

Is it grammatical correct?

You have to make sure that your essay is grammatically correct. If you have any doubt about a word which you think may not be correct do not use it in you essay. Avoid using the words you have problems with; instead use alternate words which convey same or similar meaning.  Also, when you finish writing your essay check for the grammatical errors and rectify them.

Did you made your introduction relevant and attractive by adding your option and range of vocabulary with the topic given to you?

Observe your introduction and see if you have used at least three high quality words in introduction. Also observe if you have stated your opinions in the introduction and correlated with statement. Make sure you do these things to make your introduction an excellent start.

Did you express the main reasons for your opinion when you write the conclusion in your essay?

Observe your conclusion and see if you have mentioned your opinions and the main reasons behind your opinions from the above paragraphs. Also, observe if you have paraphrased the sentences from introduction paragraph to the conclusion paragraph. Make sure you do this to finish your essay on a positive note.

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  1. Please correct the question above –
    “Did you MADE* your introduction relevant….. ”
    instead it should be Did you make your intro…..

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