IELTS Tips for 9 Bands in Speaking Module – Part 1

This post is divided in three parts. First part of the series will focus on some pointers on how to go about the IELTS Speaking Module, followed by IELTS Speaking topics that are generally asked in the IELTS Speaking tests.

In order to successfully pass LSAT and IELTS Speaking test you need to have confidence while speaking. Here are some quick tips:

  • Try rehearsing and recording your voice when testing your speaking skills
  • Listening to the news reporters and adopting their way of speaking
  • Smile and Enthusiasm while speaking
  • Attending English group events like Toastmasters
  • Joining Social events to develop confidence
  • Start talking in English
  • Learn Expressive gestures when speaking
  • Try to be Fluent when speaking English
  • Learn to understand English topics
  • Instant and prompt answering Techniques
  • Remember, First impression is the Last impression
  • Remember to introduce yourself well during the IELTS speaking skills test

LSAT & IELTS Speaking test preparation

Clearing IELTS Speaking Test with limited time

If you don’t have time to develop the qualities which are mentioned above because your IELTS test is coming close, you can still clear the IELTS Speaking Test, but it will depend on your grasp of English and how well you express yourself to others.

First Impression is the Last Impression

Needless to say you need confidence, friendly nature and ability to understand topic before you speak in IELTS test. Also it is a common belief in First impression is the last impression, so make sure your starting is impressive. Remember you may not know the last two sections in IELTS Speaking test but you definitely know the first section which is to introduce yourself to the IELTS Examiner, so don’t lose you first chance. Give a good impression by providing excellent introduction of yourself.

Reality about IELTS Examiners

One day I was shopping in super market, and suddenly I saw a face very familiar, as I remembered she was my examiner in speaking task of IELTS. I was startled by that, because I thought they are not normal human beings. But I approached her just because I was curious, and talked to her as I told her that she was my examiner, after that we had a good conversation and we shopped together.

Moral of the story is IELTS examiners are people like you and me, so when you sit for IELTS exam don’t be intimidated. Be polite and friendly. Before you start the conversation, ideally you would like to wish them good morning or good afternoon and ask how are they are today.

These small things have psychological impact on your IELTS examiner, which in turn helps you out when you speak; they tend to become soft if you do so. Although some times this technique doesn’t work. Actually it depends on the examiner’s personal characteristics.

Second Part of IELTS Speaking Test

The second part in IELTS speaking test is the question which is normally derived from your introduction. Most of the teacher would tell you not to explain your answer in details if you want to pass IELTS Speaking Module, but I highly recommend you to keep on speaking until they tell you to stop. Some times they judge your fluency which is based on this small section of IELTS speaking task. Also, they judge your understanding of English by stopping in middle of conversation and putting forth another question. Ideally you should keep on speaking until they tell you to stop or put forth another question.

Last part of IELTS Speaking Test

The last part is the longest part of all, and the examiner will provide you with a pencil and a piece of paper. Once the topic is given the examiner will give you 1 minute to write down the ideas. Again, speak as much as you can until they tell you to stop. You have to speak for 10 minutes so be prepared for this one.

One thing i need to mentioned again is start Speaking in English as much as you can and this will help you fasttrack to the 9 bands in IELTS. With these pointer i believe you will be able to adapt well with the IELTS Speaking test.

I am sure you will have some questions/concerns that you would like to clearify. You can ask any question below in the comment box.

28 thoughts on “IELTS Tips for 9 Bands in Speaking Module – Part 1

  1. hi..i took my ielts test a month ago and got very dissapointed of my speaking result..i only got 6.5 in which i never expected it..i mean i only speak fair english but im quite confident that time because i was able to converse well.but i was shocked when i got my speaking test there any problem with the way i speak or deliver it?

  2. i got 6.5 in both speaking and writing and 6 in listening..
    but i got 5.5 in reading..
    my overall band is 6
    can u plz help me out in reading to get 6.5

  3. hi all
    my overall score was 6,writing 6,listening and reading 6.5,speaking 5.
    i need help to achieve 6.5.
    thanx all

  4. I took the ielts in July for the first time and got band 8.I prepared for a month before writing and was pleased with the result.Used several materials from the local library for practice.

  5. Hi there,

    The focus of the book and the website is to train you to increase the your IELTS bands. If you would like to get something for practice you can get lot of books and even resoures from other websites. Hope this helps.

  6. hello sir,
    does your book covers practice tests too ?
    does it has furthermore secrects exept whch are open to all at your website ?
    can it be downloaded online ?
    waiting for your reply.

  7. Resp Sir,
    I have tried to buy the ielts88 book by online registration.
    But, I didn’t found our country name at the part of registration.
    I live in INDIA. So, Please mail me in detail procedure to buy the ielts88 book online.
    waiting for your reply. Hope to have reply as soon as possible.

    Thanking You.

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