IELTS Tips for 9 Bands in Speaking Module – Part 3

This is the final series for Speaking in IELTS. Before i start, one thing to notice is that topics in this section are related to the Topic given in Part 2. Possible Related Topics in Part 3 are mentioned in conjunction with Part 2 topics :

  • Favorite Home/ Place of stay

-How will you describe a typical house in your country?
-Have the pattern of houses/housing changed over years?
-Which is the most important part of a house, according to your cultural beliefs?
-Give reasons why somebody decides to move to a new house.

  • Describe a place you visited recently

-How does tourism affect a country?
-What are the advantages?
-Can cultures learn from each other?
-What harmful effect does tourism have on cultures?

  • Describe a friend

– Is friendship important in your culture?
– How many close friends can you have?
-Are friends more important than family?

  • Describe a child you know

-What is the role of parents in raising children?
-Has the role changed in recent years?
-Who is responsible for discipline?

  • Describe an object you like

-Why people get attached to small objects?
-Why gifts are important in your culture?
-Are people in your country wise consumers?
-What all things you keep in mind while buying something?

  • Describe a photograph

-Are images important in your culture?
-How has changed with time?
-Do you think cameras intrude private lives of people
-What do you think about cameras in mobile phones

  • Describe an historical personality

-Who are the most influential people in your society?
-You think they are more important than role models of today?
– who are the present role models in your society?
-What are the qualities of a good leader?

  • Describe a festival

– Do you think celebrating festivals is a waste of time and money
-What is the importance of festivals? -How have the festival celebrations changed with time?

All right, this concludes the IELTS Speaking Part3, i hope you have found some hints/tips along the way. There are set number of questions, that an examiner asks, and most of the topics are listed in the part2 and part3 in this website of the IELTS Speaking section.

Why not ask a question below if you have any doubts/ideas/commnets for these posts?

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