IELTS Essay Writing – Factsheets

When topic is provided you should be able to answer these questions before you write.

How many paragraphs to write?

Ideally at least four paragraphs and maximum of five are sufficient for IELTS writing module.

What kind of words to use?

Normally when attempting IELTS writing module, you would personalize the essay by using strong words in the conclusion. Strong tone means you use words like should, will, definitely and so on. It gives authority in your command.

You have a choice to use whatever kind of words you want in other paragraphs, but its highly recommended to use soft words like could, would, may, might and so on.

What kind of vocabulary to use?

Using range of vocabulary especially in introduction passage is strongly recommended. Vocabulary with your opinion makes excellent combination in the introduction of the passage. It’s also recommended to use no more than five high quality words in whole of the essay.

What kind of examples to give?

In IELTS writing module it’s all about your opinions, so you can use any experience from your personal life. But remember that example must be correlated to the topic you are writing about.

What facts and figures to write?

IELTS examiners have limited knowledge of science and research. The one thing they know is English. Some books recommend writing the true facts, but IELTS examination is exception. What ever you write it should sound credible. Take your time to read this paragraph and see how it’s written.

“In accord to some researches done in America, there have been reports that using computers are harmful to our wellbeing. According to annals published back in 2006, working on computers for long hours continuously, can lead to stress and depression. In addition to that, people tend to gain weight as they work on computers all day long. Further more, working on computers for more than four hours can lead to decrease in eyesight. But this is not all, by invent of internet; minors have easy excess to explicit materials online. In addition to that, Email frauds are all time high. “

This passage is stating the research done in America, but actually the facts and figures are made up just to support the argument. In other words, you make up your own facts and write in IELTS writing module.

How to express an opinion?

Giving facts, examples and figures is the best way to express your opinion.

For example, you might explain figures like the paragraph written below. Again you can write whatever fact you want to prove your argument.

“In accord to the some figures, the percentage of smokers has risen to almost 17% in five years and that is a major cause of concern. And it is not unusual to understand that majority of lung and heart diseases are consequences of smoking. In addition to that, people who do not smoke actually are also smoking it is called as “Passive Smoking”. Recently Australia has implemented some regulations for smokers which is a relief to nonsmokers.”

This paragraph is stating the figures, which are just made up to support the argument. This is the best way to support your arguments and opinions and writing the facts and figures are easy when you know that you can write without worrying too much.

How to connect two paragraphs?

Connect the two paragraphs by using however if you are changing the idea. For example;

“In accord to one research, some people can sustain the bad effects of smoking and can live longer. However, some people can not sustain the bad effects of smoking and therefore, the results can be devastating.

People who could be severely effected by smoking are more prone to heart and lung diseases. Paying for the medical treatment should not be biased. Because it doesn’t matter if the person is smoker or non-smoker, the problem in non-smoker could be similar to a smoker. For example, a non-smoker could be passive smoker.”

In these paragraphs you can see how first paragraph is supporting the smoking and the transition is done by using “However” and then the next paragraph has changed the idea to bad effects of smoking.

Connect the two paragraphs by using words like therefore, moreover, similarly and furthermore if you are emphasizing the idea. For example;

“Doctors and nurses are individuals who not only work for a living, but also contribute to our society. They are the people who can be regarded as “hands of God”. Reason being they save our lives, hence make this planet better for living. If one really wants to understand what it means to be a doctor, ask them, they will tell that you must have a “heart of a lion and hands of a weaver” in order to be a doctor. It is so true. Doctors and nurses improve our quality of lives. They contribute to the community in ways different to any other professions.

Similarly, teachers are also building blocks of our society. They educate us in order to make us successful in our professional and personal lives. Mentors make us realize our true potential and our responsibilities as an individual. Personally speaking, they are the messengers of angels who teach us how our life should be. They give us sense of direction in life. They show us the way to success.”

In above paragraphs you can observe that the idea in first paragraph is connected to second paragraph by using “Similarly“. You can use other words like furthermore or in addition to and so on. Remember it’s important to connect the paragraphs so that the transition is smooth.

How an essay should look like when it finishes?

Your essay should be between four to five paragraphs, including the introduction which is your first paragraph and the conclusion which is your last paragraph.

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