IELTS Academic Writing Sample with Answers – Graphs (Band 9)

Continuing with the IELTS Academic Writing, in this section you will find the sample IELTS Academic Samples Tasks with answers (Band 9).

Graph Sample 1


The graph exhibits people using new music places on the internet in fifteen days period of time namely personal choice and trendy pop music.

The overall trend shows fluctuation with slight increased towards the end of the period.

Staring with Music Choices websites; 40,000people went on this new site on the first day. Half of them backed out the next day. In contrast to this pop parade net sites were visited by 120,000 music lovers on the day one which decreased slightly on the next day there after regaining the same fame on 3rd day.

After 3rd day the enthusiasm for both music lines on the internet dropped slowly- reaching maximum fall of 40,000 on the 7th day. Whereas Music Choice gained popularity, slightly improving to get the original strength of 30,000 viewers on the screen, but was getting still less visitors then their opponent Pop group i.e. 40,000 on day 7.

In the beginning of the next week both gained remarkable recovery after few fluctuations for 8th and 9th day having 40,000 and 50,000 visitors respectively, reaching to their peaks of one and half thousand new visitors for Pop Parade on the 11th day showing the contrast of very few people visiting music capital choice for the same day. Thereafter, Music Choice gained popularity on the 12 day for having more than 120,000 new visitors on web.

In the end of the period Pop sites were visited by maximum viewers of 180,000 where as sides located to Music Choice were nor explored by more than 80,000 explorers on he last day of the report.

Graph Sample 2


The bar chart indicates a survey on two different age groups on the factors contributing to make their environment pleasant for working.

These factors are divided in to internal and external factors.  The internal factors are the team spirit, competent boss, respect from colleagues and job satisfaction. The external factors are chance for personal development, job security, promotional prospects and money.

On the internal factors above 50 % in both age groups agreed that team spirit, competent boss and job satisfaction are essential to make their environment pleasant. Whereas on the external factors, there are contrasting results. On the chance of personal development and promotional aspects, 80% to 90% of the younger groups were in favor while only less than 50% of the older group thought so. A similar pattern is also noted on job security. With regards to money, 69% to 70% on both age groups said it is essential.

In conclusion, the internal factors have similar responses from the two age groups while they had dissimilar responses on the external factors.

Graph Sample 3


The data exhibits the conclusion of study of the average number of cars passing on three different roads between 1993 and 2002. In general the trend was upward over the period.

The most striking feature is that there was a dramatic increase in the number of cars passed on the Long Lane from 1993 to 2001, during which the number increased from 400 cars in 1993 to 1400 cars in 2001.

However, the number was stable during the following year at 1400 cars.

The evidence reveals that the number of cars on Harper Lane rose between 1993 and 1998. One year before the introduction of the methods to slow down traffic, the number declined with slight fluctuation.

The facts show that the average number of cars passed on Great York Way increased significantly from 1993 to 1999, the same year in which methods to slow down traffic was introduced. There were 600 cars in 1993 and 911 cars in 1999. However there was a slight reduction in the number of cars during the following years.

To sum up the introduction of traffic calming had a non significant impact on the cars passing on roads Long Lane and Great York Way. In comparison there was a slight effect on the cars passing on Harper Lane.

Graph Sample 4 – (Sorry No Graph for this)

The bar char shows the predicted sales of silver goods in ‘OOOs of units for two companies; Meteor Products Ltd and Mark Jones Ltd for next year.

The most striking feature is that sales will increase for both companies. It is anticipated that sales of Mark Jones Ltd will start at 450,000 units in January decreasing by 200,000 units following month with a gradual recovery over the subsequent four months reaching 400,000 units in June. Those of Mark Jones Ltd are predicated to be stable until August picking up to 600,000 units in September and

October. Sales of Mark Jones Ltd will reach peak of 900,000 in December.  For those of Meteor Products Ltd is forecasted a gradual increase with the largest sale of 600,000 units in December. In the beginning of the next year those of Meteor Products Ltd will stand at 150,000 units falling back to 100,000 units in February, rising steadily to 250,000 in June. In subsequent months sale will reach 450,000 units increasing 500,000 units in August, staying stable until November.

Regarding the pie chart the sales of Mark Jones Ltd will share 30 % of the market whereas that of Meteor Products Ltd 20% to 50 % of market is set to be shared by other companies.

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  10. Hello,
    I appreciate your intention of helping IELTS candidates. The graphs are useful and I believe that you have tried to give your best to the learners. However, I totally agree with Marlene.

    Graph sample 1 (Music Choice / Pop Parade):
    The last para of the sample answer says ” In the end of the period Pop sites were visited by maximum viewers of 180,000 …”. This is not true. When measured, it shows a little less than 170,000 — a difference of more than 10,000!

    Anyway, I thanks a lot for coming forward to help the needy. Hope you’ll continue the good work. :))

    Best Regard!

  11. Hi Nitin,
    It is very public-spirited of you to do this for potential IELTS candidates but I don’t think you should say that your answers are worthy of a band 9. There are grammatical mistakes in all of the samples so no examiner would give these a 9. You should simply say these samples represent high standard answers and not grade them at all.
    Kind regards,

  12. Hi.My exam is in less than 48hrs.I came across a quetsion, while doing my practice section, which was a bit confusing for me. Therefore I made an attempt to write it up. It is however not in the list of the practice task, though quit similar to the quetsion on technology. I was wondering if you could help read through and give your assessment.Thank you.Question- some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than help in today’s world. Others feel that they are such indispensable tools that they would not to live or work without them.•In what ways are computers a hindrance?•What is your opinion?AnswerIt is a fact that computer usage has become an integral part of our existence. From its use in business transactions to transportation system and even health care delivery, the increasing need for this modern technology is evident. While there are enormous merits associated with its use, there are also some drawbacks that have accompanied the increasing frequency with which it is used.A major area of concern is how many people may end up unemployed as more jobs that were traditionally occupied by human beings are now being operated by the aid of computers. If other job opportunities are not created, then it will be inevitable for more and more people to be out of employment as the job that would have be done by about five people will be taken over by just one computer system. Similarly, the affection and empathy that come with services provided by humans will soon be lost because computers can only be programmed to perform functions, they naturally cannot express emotions. These are examples that show hindrances associated with this technology.However, it is obvious that the place of computer system in this modern world cannot be over emphasized. An example to illustrate what the present world will look like without this technology is taking a trip to the bank during a major network breakdown. The experience of such incidence can only leave us to imagine how our society will struggle to function effectively without the computer.To conclude, as there are two sides to most things in life: the good and the bad, computer is not an exception. It is only important to strike a balance in its usage, so that we do not become over dependent on it.

  13. Safia, what can affect your writing test : wrong spelling, bad grammar, low vocabulary level. What can you do to improve your score? Rewrite small tests and check them, read and listen a lot. And, of course, speak English! Your writing score is directly connected to your speaking skills!!! The more hours you spend practising English, the better your score will be. There is a lot of information in the Internet.

  14. Actually I took IELTs in 2010 and the writing task1 was completely different . They gave as stone refinery picture and they said to us explain what are you seeing in this picture !!!!! That was shocking to ma and to my friends. And we got bad score in General writing because of this. Now I’m planing to take the IELTS on 8th of December and I hope that they will bring to us something like this , because I know how to explain the 4 chart above very nicely . Thank you for your examples .. I appreciated :)))

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