IELTS Introduction

IELTS88 provides exclusive English language preparation tips and IELTS Samples dedicated to the individuals who want to prepare for Academic and General IELTS to study abroad or to migrate to Australia, Canada/America as students or permanent residents.

This site includes English language preparation especially for individuals who have English as a foreign language. Nevertheless, students preparing for LSAT Test will also benefit from our website especially from online reading sections.

Where to start your Exam Preparation?

Preparation for IELTS exam starts with finding your weak points in IELTS English and then working on those weak links first.

For your reference quick links are provided below in order to navigate through IELTS Categories i.e. Academic IELTS or General IELTS. Tips provided in this website will help you in your exam preparation and this will bring excellent results if followed properly. To learn more about the IELTS test, visit “About IELTS Test“.

About this website

Nitin BhradwajNitin migrated to Australia from overseas and spotted the difficulties that comes up when preparing for IELTS tests and noticed that that there is no guidance for IELTS Tests. The IELTS resources online did not have real substance.

Having followed the path of the IELTS test taker that is being now followed by you, he has understood the IELTS concepts clearly.  It is after many years that he is willing to share the IELTS concepts and guide you to the perfect IELTS band.

Most of the information here cannot be found on any other website, so save this website as a Bookmark in your favorites before continuing.

Apart from IELTS resources in this website, i highly recommend to buy IELTS books to get maximum benefit out of the exclusive IELTS English language tips, but more on that in later sections of our website.

If you find this website helpful and would like to refer to your friends, please do so by bookmarking or sending  link to your friend’s email.

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